The Science Behind NanoSoluble™ CBD

Nano CBD In General

Though CBD cannot be made “Truly” water-soluble without altering its molecular structure, CBD can be made “Effectively” water-soluble through nano-emulsification. Benefits of nano-emulsification also include enhanced absorption, which is highly dependent on the CBD particle size (smaller is better). Typical CBD “nano-emulsions” on the market today have a particle size in the 150 – 1500 nm range (some are even larger).

What Sets Us Apart

Best-in-Class Particle Size

Our NanoSoluble ™ CBD has an average particle size of 35 – 45 nm, thus achieving maximum water compatibility (it dissolves clear) and maximum bioavailability enhancement (based on published nano-delivery studies on similar compounds, we estimate up to 10-fold enhanced absorption). Furthermore, we can substantiate our ultra-fine particle size with in-house Dynamic Light Scattering capabilities, whereas other “nano” products’ particle size claims don’t typically stand up to scrutiny (we have tested many).

Natural Ingredients

Our NanoSoluble ™ CBD formulations contain natural, naturally-derived, and nature-identical ingredients, whereas other companies typically use harsh synthetic chemicals (Polysorbate 80, PEG-400, etc.) to achieve small particle sizes in their nano-products. Furthermore, many of these companies are violating FDA labelling requirements by not listing the surfactants in their nano-tincture products in order to hide these consumer-unfriendly ingredients. From the outset, Cannasol Labs has been devoted to producing the highest quality water-soluble CBD formulas with healthy ingredients.

Scientific Pedigree

Cannasol Labs was founded by a Chemical Engineer with a background in pharmaceutical formulation and a passion for natural remedies. We employ a disciplined approach to formulation, maintain high quality standards, and believe in truth and transparency in marketing.


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