CBD-based products - The History of Hemp and CBD

The History of Hemp and CBD

CBD-based products aren’t the only things being made from the nation’s growing harvest of hemp plants. In fact, hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years because of the many uses of the plant’s strong fibers. Since passage of the farm bill in 2018 that legalized hemp production in the United States, innovative minds – including the ones behind the water solubility of NanoSoluble CBD – have been putting hemp to new uses.  

The Early History 

Based on archeological evidence, the earliest uses of hemp might trace back to the Jōmon period in Japan, which lasted from approximately 10,000 to 300 BC. Early evidence of the plant’s versatility was also found in the Middle East. “Archaeologists found a remnant of hemp cloth in ancient Mesopotamia (currently Iran and Iraq) which dates back to 8,000 BC,” The People’s History (a feature of The Thistle, which is an MIT-based newspaper) reports.  

China also discovered the value of hemp for making cloth thousands of years ago. “In the Lu Shi, a Chinese work of the Sung dynasty (500 AD), we find reference to the Emperor Shen Nung (28th century BC) who taught his people to cultivate hemp for cloth,” The People’s History says. 

It is believed that hemp made it to Europe in approximately 1,200 BC. From there, it spread throughout the ancient world.”

Hemp was also traditionally used to make paper. In the 18th century, commercial cultivation of hemp became common in Europe, where it was used for making the miles and miles of rope needed for the ships that expanded colonial empires and international trading networks. 

Synthetic fibers replaced the hemp used in manufacturing in the 20th century. That’s also when growing hemp became illegal. It wasn’t until 2014, when Congress passed an Agricultural Act that allowed hemp to be grown on an experimental basis, that farmers could once again produce commercial crops. The change was made permanent in the farm bill of 2018. 

When hemp became a legal commodity for farmers to grow, it spawned the introduction of a number of CBD-based products. As in the past, however, the hemp plant has proven to be versatile and is being used in other innovative ways.

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