NanoSoluble CBD, Covid-19 Can Make You Crazy (But that’s just our theory)

Covid-19 Can Make You Crazy (But that’s just our theory)

If you have explored the NanoSoluble CBD website at all (which seems like a pretty safe assumption if you’re reading this), you have probably picked up on the fact that we take science very seriously. (You might have also figured out that we make a water-soluble CBD that we are very proud of!)

Our passion for science is not limited to the formulation of an effective alternative to CBD oil and the efficacy of water solubility in CBD. We take an interest in all kinds of scientific areas, including human behavior. And that brings us to some observations we have made regarding human behavior during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Human Behavior in the Age of Covid

As you undoubtedly know by now, public health experts the world over have advised us to practice social distancing, wear face masks and wash our hands frequently. To most people, it doesn’t seem like that much to ask if it can save lives and curb the spread of a deadly worldwide pandemic. 

The hardest part should be socially distancing. As the college students who continue to congregate at crowded parties despite the risks clearly demonstrate, we are inherently social animals. But, for the large part, people across this country and around the world, have managed to overcome their natural instincts in order to stay safe.

That could be because fear of the virus is enough to overcome our social hardwiring or it could be altruism, which also comes naturally to the human species.  

Which brings up something that you may have noticed yourself. Despite our natural inclination toward altruism, there are still lots of people who make a stink about wearing a face mask. They might be willing to put themselves in danger to save someone from a burning building or rescue a puppy from a storm drain, but they can’t bring themselves to wear a face mask – even if it means slowing the spread of a deadly contagion. 

Go figure! We may need more research to figure that one out, but for now, our scientists have more important things to do. 

And, here at NanoSoluble, we plan to keep busy with our nano CBD formula!