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THC vs CBD – What’s the Difference?

  We get asked a lot of questions. The number one question people have is what is the difference between CBD oil and NanoSoluble, a CBD oil alternative that takes advantage of the principles of water-solubility for effective CBD delivery in the human body. The next question we hear quite frequently is “What’s the difference between THC and CBD?” […]

The VA Funds Research on CBD for PTSD

  PTSD is one of the many conditions for which CBD-based products offer hope. Last year, the Department of Veterans Affairs funded a $1.3 million research study that is looking into whether cannabidiol, or CBD, can in fact help to ease the symptoms of PTSD. They are using a synthetic form of CBD, rather than the kind […]

Why Is Water-Soluble CBD More Effective?

  The reason so many CBD-based products are oils is because when CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, it’s naturally oily. Water-soluble CBD is more effective because our bodies can’t absorb oils very well. In fact, it is estimated that your body will only be able to absorb xxx% of the CBD in the many popular oils that […]

Nano-Soluble CBD and Anxiety

  One of the many reasons while people turn to CBD-based products is to help them cope with feelings of anxiety. It’s perfectly normal to feel anxious, but if you are among the many people who suffer from an anxiety disorder, you know that it can interfere with the quality of your life. That’s when water-soluble CBD might […]