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Can CBD-Based Products Relieve Migraine Pain?

If you’ve ever suffered through a migraine, you know that you’ll try just about anything to get relief. If you’ve tried the popular drugs on the market today but still have to endure the stabbing pain, nausea and light-sensitivity that can be associated with a migraine, you will be happy to learn that CBD-based products, […]

Can You Name 2 Things (other than CBD!) Made from Hemp?

Here at Canasol Labs, the makers of Nanosoluble CBD, we are big believers in the many uses of the hemp plant, which gives us CBD. But even we were surprised when we learned how many products are being made from hemp these days.  To many people hemp is a new commodity, but it has been […]

Is CBD Effective for Pain Relief?

One of the most common questions we get here at Cannasol Labs, the makers of NanoSoluble water soluble CBD, is whether or not CBD-based products can provide relief from pain. The millions of Americans who suffer from chronic pain due to some illness, injury or condition are especially interested in CBD oil as an alternative […]

The History of Hemp and CBD

CBD-based products aren’t the only things being made from the nation’s growing harvest of hemp plants. In fact, hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years because of the many uses of the plant’s strong fibers. Since passage of the farm bill in 2018 that legalized hemp production in the United States, innovative minds – […]

Is There Research on CBD-Based Products?

Here at NanoSoluble ™ CBD, we are big fans of science and scientific research. (Go science!) We could go on and on about the importance of water solubility – and we often do – but for now, we wanted to share just a sampling of some of the studies involving CBD-based products that have been […]

NanoSoluble CBD and Arthritis

Do you have an uncle who is taking water soluble CBD for his arthritis pain? Maybe you have a colleague at work with arthritis who said she is enjoying working in her garden again thanks to the relief she’s getting from hemp-based CBD products. Have you been considering trying CBD for your own arthritis symptoms?   […]

CBD 101: Hemp Based Products VS Marijuana

Here at Cannasol Labs, where NanoSoluble™ Hemp-based products are made, we think it’s easier to understand the advantages and importance of water-soluble CBD when you understand what CBD is.   CBD 101 CBD is a hemp-based product. Hemp, like marijuana, is a cannabis plant. Unlike marijuana, hemp-based products do not make you high. As the experts […]